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Island with many variety of natural adventures places


Be amazed by tropical forests, picturesque hills, and the azure waters of the pretty Flores Sea.

If you look for one-stop variety of natural adventure places, simply don’t think about anywhere else, but Flores. Chasing from one city to another city, you will have long list itinerary to stop over from smoking Volcanoes, emerald rice fields, lush waterfalls, prehistoric riddles, exotic & hidden beaches.

Marvelous Flora & Fauna Diversity

The Island offers world class diving and unique experience for snorkeling as it is called a remarkable diving destination on the planet

Natural Beauty of Flores Underwater

The Island is surrounded by one of the richest marine environment in the world. It is a home for hundreds of colorful fish with all shapes and sizes, a stunning combination of hard & soft corals. A huge number of underwater creatures call Flores home, including sharks, turtles, and manta rays. It is simply easy to admire while diving in an underwater aquarium. 17 Island Marine Park, Maumere, and Komodo National Park Sea are known as Flores best dive spot.

Flores’ Flora & Fauna

Flores just like its named which was taken of Portuguese language, cabo da flora or cape of flowers. The island is home for famous giant reptile,  Komodo Dragon. This powerful hunter is  not likely you will get to see them anywhere else in the world, but Rinca and Komodo Island. They live in tropical savanna forests but range widely over the islands, from beach to ridge top.

While in the east part of Flores, famous 3 color lake of Kelimutu Volcano  is one of nature’s most stunning displays of color and chemistry. Furthermore, Kelimutu National Park area impresses with its highly biodiverse forests. The park is a home for  around 100  species of flora, include Kelimutu’s endemic flora and huge variety of birds  with some rare endemic species.

Fascinating Cultural Heritages

The most delightful aspects of Flores beside its breathtaking scenery is its people and culture. Flores people love to share their history and culture through ceremonies, dances and songs. If you travel overland the island, you witness how centuries-old tradition and heritage are still preserved and are still very real as part a of the locals’ lifestyle. From east to west part of Flores, different village has vary traditional houses and pattern of well known beautiful hand-woven fabric.

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